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PLC Programming to Keep Your Production Line Running

At Tripex Solutions, we offer PLC programming and installation services in Modesto, California. We work primarily with Allen-Bradley™, GE™, WonderWare™ and Siemens™ systems, but we can work with other brands.

Programming PLCs

Our staff is more than capable of modifying and helping with the installation of your PLCs. We can write out the code, integrate new code lines into a preexisting program, and even modify the controls for a food and beverage line. Your business can turn to us for help with installing new components in a pre-existing line. Although, we may need to use HMI Screening to properly visualize the placement of new devices, for visualization feedback, and to set up on/off automation. Once the code is created for a new component, the electrician will be able to wire it into a PLC panel.

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Obsolete PLC Upgrades

Keep your business competitive by upgrading obsolete PLC 5's and Slick Logic Controllers (SLC). These older models may not be able to keep up with the faster pace and multitasking required for today's automation needs. Many are no longer being made, so you won't be able to purchase a replacement when the component dies. Our staff can upload and save the existing code on an old model PLC or SLC and convert it for use on a newer model. We'll even help replace the old module with the new one. We'll also upgrade any obsolete HMI hardware and software to make your line more ergonomic and effective.

On-Demand Services and Support

When there is a problem, our staff uses a point-to-point method to diagnose and fix it. Businesses can also purchase special hardware to attach to their systems, so we can remotely troubleshoot problems. This saves time and expense on traveling out to the site for small to large businesses. We'll also come to the site to work on the problem in person if remote access is not the solution.