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Our staff at Tripex Solutions is ready and waiting to help with HMI and custom control panel development in Modesto, California. Whether you are installing a new line of automation technology, or just upgrading obsolete automation, software and hardware design can help us find the most efficient layout for your system.

HMI Screen Development

With HMI screen development, we can give the screen display a new look as well. If you prefer to stay with your original HMI, we will duplicate everything and just tweak the display to provide better resolution and color. If you want to add new features, we can incorporate trending storage information, which will keep new data in an Excel® sheet stored on an SD card. No need to have us come on-site either; as long as you have an Internet connection and the right hardware on the system, we can do everything remotely.

Field Panel Designs

Custom Panel Design

When you install a new line or system, you will also need a control panel. Our staff can design and build a custom control panel to work that line. We will identify all of the components in the line and create an input/output (I/O) sheet with all of the signals and commands. This sheet will also list all of the system requirements. We use this to create an electrical schematic, which we give to our panel builder, who will ensure that everything fits into the panel.

Panel Ratings

All of our panels are UL508 rated and positioned enclosure NEMA 12 or 4 rated for indoor/outdoor use. We wire the PLC module to the terminal blocks using separate, easily identified labels. This makes it much easier to troubleshoot problems in the future. Panels will have a separation between 120V and 24V to reduce interference in the system. The components are enclosed in a box that comes with HMI mounted in the door, if needed. An electrician installs the control panel.